1. Peter

    I’d like to buy high end pc for gaming. Is it possible to buy some of your products? If not, could you link me some shops where I can get modified pc like you create?
    Thank you.

  2. Jolly

    Where on earth could I get a set up like this made? I game and 3D model on my pc in my free time but I’d never have the chance to build something so beautiful. Do you take commissions?

  3. Leonel Barranco

    Hey man can u send me all the links to this build. This is my favorite build and i really want it. Can u please send me the links. Thanks.

  4. Luke W. Shimizu

    I would really enjoy having this as my new computer, If you would mind, could you please send me a link to this build. I wouldn’t enjoy trying to build this. Also while your at it, could you send a quote of the price and interchangeable parts?

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